Quality, Reliability and Contacts

We place particular emphasis on high-quality modules and are positioned in the market with an optimum price/performance ratio. Pallet goods or container goods: We process your order at different scale levels. Besides the common monocrystalline and polycrystalline modules we also offer so-calles “second-hand-modules”, which will satisfy the highest customer expectations.

Of course our customers benefit from our reliability, our committed service as well as from our comprehensive network and best available advice. Also after the order processing we do not leave you alone: we support you if it comes to claims or if you have any questions according to module recycling or insurance. You are always in good hands with us. Please feel free to contact us and benefit now! 

Datenblätter und Zertifikate zum Download



Polykristalline Solarmodule

GCL-P6/60(H) – 35 mm Rahmenhöhe 275 – 285 Wp als PDF



Polykristalline Solarmodule

ASM 6610P – 40 mm Rahmenhöhe 270 – 275 Wp als PDF


Münchener Rückversicherung für Astronergy als PDF



Monokristalline Solarmodule

LR6-60 – 40 mm Rahmenhöhe 285 Wp als PDF